June 13, 2022   7:00pm – Dewdney Area Improvement District Meeting  – Hatzic Prairie Hall – 10845 Farms Rd

Hatzic Lake Level
Hatzic Lake level is governed by the natural flow of the water from the upper streams and creeks and the level of the Fraser River.

When the Fraser River level drops the water from the lake flows naturally through the flap gates into the Fraser River. It is normal to see exposed lake bed during the months September to May every year. The lake will have minor fluctuations of water during the winter months depending on the amount of heavy rain, snow etc. that is received over a short period of time.

During the Freshet (spring thaw usually beginning of May) when the Fraser River rises due to melting snow from the Interior Rivers the flap gates are forced closed and incoming water from the valley creeks and streams above the lake area remains in the lake. The pumps are used to pump water from the lake when the lake level becomes too high.

Court of Revision – May 28, 2022 Noon-2:00pm 8400 Shook Road Mission B.C.

Annual General Meeting – May 16, 2022 7:15pm Hatzic Prairie Hall 10845 Farms Rd. Registration 5:00 – to 7:00pm

 - Must be registered on title and attend AGM to vote.
 - No Proxy votes.
 - Landowners must check in with ID. (Drivers license or DAID Assessment Notice).
 - Completion of Statutory declarations by Corporations.
 - Available at check-in: AGM Agenda, 2022 Budget, 2021 Financial Statement Voter slip.

Trustee Terms / Nomination:
 - Dewdney         (1) 3yr term
 - Hatzic Lake     (1) 3yr term
 - Hatzic Prairie  (1) 3yr term

Candidates unable to attend the meeting are required to email their nomination acceptance to no later than May 13, 2922 and provide a contact number for acceptance verification, prior to the election.

Trustees of the Dewdney Area Improvement District must comply with Resolution #39 and agree to the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement upon appointment and must have a private email address.